14 April, 2021

Jaswant Singh

Let me put on record the next great Jaswant revelation. It’s to do with Rahul Gandhi and his unpublished poems.

Illustration by Sandeep Adhwaryu
Jaswant Singh

Guess what? My mole (not to be mistaken for a birthmark) in the PMO tipped me off that Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is curious to know the Jinnah of my next book and has even put the IB on the job. And strange things have been happening since. Like my study was rummaged...and my bar raided. Now, as a former fauji, I fully understand the need for a stiff drink while searching for a one-page synopsis from among all those books, papers and erotic paintings. However, I am happy to report that the ‘spirited’ IB-wallahs drew a blank but only after killing two bottles of my favourite Chivas. They were obviously unaware that I had hidden the precious piece of paper in my left shoe (which I don’t even take off while going to bed). Of course, the resulting cramped foot has further deepened my baritone making it that much more difficult to comprehend my Brit accent. That aside, my sympathies are with the IB chaps. Since ‘Operation Synopsis’ was a complete failure, a major reshuffle of the top brass is expected (or so says my...

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