01 December, 2020

Jane Goodall

A pioneering figure in primate behaviour research, she was in India to inaugurate the International Wildscreen Festival

Jane Goodall
What’s the relationship between documentary filmmaking and conservation efforts?

My work would have suffered if my first husband Hugo Van Lawick had not made films on the chimps at Gombe. For the first time, people saw their human-like gestures and personalities.

Filmmaking and the scientific community?

People were skeptical. No one would believe us about chimp tool-making until they saw it.

Your favourite fictional description of a relationship between humans and animals.

I loved Mowgli, Dr Doolittle and Tarzan.

What’s your favourite characteristic that chimps share with humans?

Affectionate family bonds. There are good and bad mothers. Bad mothers raise kids who have difficulty forming relationships, just like the human problems of child-raising.

Is there a least favourite characteristic?

Yes, war. Violence, brutality—they have a dark side just as humans do. But ours is worse because our capabilities are superior.

So, what makes us different?

Only humans are...



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