19 April, 2021

Jamai Raja Is No. 1

The black sheep son-in-law. Finally, the Indian business-political family is complete.

Getty Images (From Outlook 10 June 2013)
Jamai Raja Is No. 1

Bad Sons-In Law From Bharat

  • 1. The first Muslim invader of the Deccan, Alauddin, the nephew and son-in-law of Jalaluddin Khilji, undertook an expedition against Bhilsa, where he captured a rich booty, a part of which he sent on to Delhi. Jalaluddin was pleased, and rewarded him with the vice-royalty of Oudh in addition to Karra. Alauddin plundered the territories and treated the vanquished severely. On July 19, 1296, he murdered his father-in-law and usurped the throne on October 3, 1296.
  • Ravan: In the Valmiki Ramayana, there’s a whole chapter where Ravan’s father-in-law tries to reason that abducting Sita wasn’t the right thing to do. But Ravan paid no heed.
  • Yudhishthir: He put Draupadi down as a wager, loses her to Duryodhana. Pa-in-law King Drupad is very upset.
  • Raja Dushyant: He and Shaku­n­tala have a Gandharva marriage. Later leaves, promising to return for her. But when Dushyant becomes king, he...

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