03 August, 2021

Jacques Of All Trades

It is difficult to categorise him as a bowling all-rounder or a batting all-rounder. He is both.

Jacques Of All Trades
All-rounders are actually artillery men in cricketing garb. They believe in steamrolling the opposition. Just running over them after cutting out all the escape flanks. If nothing works they will shoot point blank.

No cricketer better exhibits such qualities than Jacques Kallis. Which is why he is South Africa’s trumpcard in the World Cup being hosted there this year.

Kallis is not just another all-rounder, he also belongs to that increasingly vanishing type of cricketer called the match-winner. He is just the fella any captain would like to have in the gang. He is just the man who, after a flick of the captain’s finger summoning him from the deep, will nonchalantly take the ball and deliver the crucial wicket when the other team has 10 overs to play and only 50 runs to get.

The blondish hair gives him that aura of a ruthless bloke who will stop at nothing to achieve his aims. That is what Kallis normally does. He can score 50 in 24 balls, he can hit 100 in 113 ball with five fours and five sixes. Sometimes, if he is in the mood, he can also take five wickets...

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