24 July, 2021

Jackie Shroff

The actor on his first Tamil film, Aaranya Kaandam, which has become a runaway hit

Jackie Shroff

Jackie Shroff in a Tamil film? How did Aaranya Kaandam happen?

A film is a film is a film. It doesn’t matter if it is in Tamil, Hindi, Telugu or English.

Tell us about your experience in Kollywood?

The Tamil film industry is a no-nonsense one, where work is workship.

And the process of filmmaking itself?

It’s a pleasure working with the south Indian film industry’s talented technicians.

What about the character of Singaperumal, an ageing don, appealed to you?

There’s an underlying pathos in the life of a don losing his power, both over his people as well as in his personal life. That aspect touched me.

Do you prefer playing good or bad guys?

I’d say the bad guy. I started my career as Swami Dada. All the roles I’ve been acclaimed for are characters with shades of the negative.

Was it tough taking orders from a young debutant director in Aaranya...

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