27 July, 2021

It’s Swamiplay

Pakistan now spins Samjhauta as its 26/11

It’s Swamiplay

For over two years now, India has had the Kasab card, an ace New Delhi regularly thumped on the table to demand that Pakistan take action against the perpetrators of 26/11 and dismantle the terror apparatus on its soil. Islamabad fretted and fumed as western powers, particularly the US, unequivocally endorsed India’s position. And now, in a sudden shuffling of the deck, Pakistan has been dealt what can be called the swami card. The sensational disclosure of Swami Aseemanand on the Samjhauta Express bombing of ’07, in which over 50 Pakistanis were killed, has bolstered Islamabad’s propaganda arsenal, providing it the chance to embarrass New Delhi and counter its clamour for bringing to justice the 26/11 masterminds. The Samjhauta tragedy is on its way to becoming Pakistan’s 26/11.

Within days of the Indian media reporting Swami Aseemanand’s confession that Hindu radicals were involved in the bombing of, among other places, the Samjhauta Express, the Pakistan foreign office summoned acting...

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