09 March, 2021

‘It’s My Passion To Deploy Capital In India’

‘It’s My Passion To Deploy Capital In India’

The father of the Pentium processor needs no introduction. But it’s Vinod Dham’s post-corporate career —in the “dark side, of startups”—that’s more illuminating for entrepreneurs. As head of NEA-IndoUS Ventures, which helps Indian startups get off the ground, Dham feels India excels in new ideas in the services arena but lacks the innovative edge. Excerpts from an interview:

Why are business leaders coming into the VC space now?

Before this, a lot of us were building our own careers and the environment in India was not conducive. It is a lot different now. India welcomes foreign venture capital more readily. It was also my passion to raise capital in the US and deploy it in India. We want to encourage young entrepreneurship in India—it is a natural step, which is why people like Narayana Murthy are getting into this space.

But you could have set up your own company.

Yes, but if I did another startup, I would be impacting only one company. This...

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