25 November, 2020

'It's A Stepping Stone'

Leonard Spector, of the Carnegie Endowment, is an authority on nuclear issues. Michael Krepon, of the Stimson Centre, works on security issues, covering South Asia. They responded to questions on the CTBT by Ludwina A. Joseph in Washington DC.

'It's A Stepping Stone'

How valid do you think is India's stand on the CTBT?

 SPECTOR: It's a shame that India has gradually changed its position. Historically, India wanted a treaty as a stand-alone measure. However, I understand India's secret reason—that it won't be able to develop a full-blown missile-based deterrent against China if it were to join in. Everybody perceives this to be India's rationale.

KREPON: The validity of India's case can be measured by the support, or lack of it, India received in the CD. Many countries agree with its call for progressive reduction and elimination of N-weapons, but almost no one supports its direct linkage to the CTBT. Why? Because the CTBT is an essential condition for the progressive reduction and elimination of N-weapons. To place the treaty in limbo is to place new impediments before a widely shared goal.

Is India being made a scapegoat?

SPECTOR: Last week I thought all were on board with the substance of the treaty and that the only debate was the...



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