25 October, 2020

'It's A Heat-Of-The-Moment Effect'

The mood of the people around could be a factor, says the Sports Authority of India's psychologist.

Narendra Bisht
'It's A Heat-Of-The-Moment Effect'
Cricket fans may have no intentions of behaving in a certain manner when they reach the ODI grounds. But the mood of the people around could influence them. Sports Authority of India's psychologist Anuradha Solanki spoke to Outlook about crowd behaviour.

Cricket fans in Vadodara and, more specifically, Mumbai, would you brand their behaviour as racist? Do you think it was premeditated?

There is no reasoning or logic involved in such behaviour. Indians do not have preconceived notions about teams from other nations, except perhaps on Pakistan. I think what happens is in the heat of the moment and in a crowd situation. Patriotic feelings manifest themselves in diverse forms and what we saw in Vadodara and Mumbai is perhaps reflective of that.

What makes normal people indulge in such unacceptable behaviour?

Well, one's ability to reason fails since one is overpowered by a desire not to be seen as different from the general behaviour of those around. One is even safeguarding oneself from being 'endangered'. When people come to the...


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