01 August, 2021

Italy Diary

Italy is a country that is in no hurry...Rome even now moves like a slow-motion film of the 1950s.

Italy Diary

Slow it down

In a globalised world where the food we eat and the coffee we drink have a sameness about them, it’s a relief to see the almost complete absence of Burger Kings and coffee chains in Italy. In Rome, at least, there is not a single Starbucks and the locals prefer to get their espresso shots standing on the streets, immune to the centuries-old beauty of their monuments (but not the good-looking women, or men, for that matter, who stroll by). There is a cover charge of three euros and more for a table in restaurants, and most prefer taking their coffee, espresso, and cappuccino outside during these summer months.

The Italians, more than anywhere else in the world, consume homegrown produce and, not surprisingly, restaurants from Rome to Florence take pride in offering mostly Italian wine, cheese and food. The Slow Food Movement...

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