06 May, 2021

"It Took Me Long To Come To Terms With Myself. Those Were Painful Years."

If there's one thing Vikram Seth loathes more than crusades, it must be prying personal questions. And yet here he is not only laying bare his bisexual heart and soul but also leading a high-profile signature campaign to get rid of the infamous Secti

Jitender Gupta
"It Took Me Long To Come To Terms With Myself. Those Were Painful Years."

You are not the kind of person to take up a crusade, you are famously allergic to them, but you are now the moving spirit behind the recent campaign to remove Section 377 of the IPC. Why do you feel this is so important?

I am certainly not allergic to causes—particularly on subjects such as religious intolerance. I have spoken out pretty clearly and freely about that, and also about certain events such as Tiananmen and the Iraq war and so on. But on the whole, you are quite right, I tend to put my views forward more through my writing than by taking up causes. In this particular case, the initial credit should go to Siddharth Dube who is the chap who actually drafted the letter—I only made a few minor corrections, although I am one of the main co-signatories. You should also look at Amartya Sen's noble and forthright letter. I do believe in important causes and while I am quite happy to be...

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