20 June, 2021

‘It Takes 200 Days To Destroy A City’

On who or what is killing Mumbai, the attitude of Mumbai’s citizenry and the issue of migrant labour

Soumik Kar
‘It Takes 200 Days To Destroy A City’

In 2007, London-based financial expert Percy Mistry chaired a high-power expert committee appointed by the finance ministry on making Mumbai an international financial centre. Excerpts from a candid chat with Outlook:

On who or what is killing Mumbai: Extremism in politics and the violence with which political parties are perpetrating this fascism is disconcerting. I think we should stop calling the people who claim to lead this city politicians, they’re merely political thugs. They are not just being pro-Maharashtrian, but being anti-Indian. This is a disease that is not only affecting Mumbai but other major cities of the country as well, and it poses a serious threat to the urbanisation and development of sovereign India. The Centre is far too weak to take a strong stand against this. Unless this is checked, it will lead to a complete disintegration of our country.

On the attitude of Mumbai’s citizenry: People take all this abuse lying down and don’t stand up...

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