05 March, 2021

It Feels, Speaks, Smells Like Home

If not East Bengal, perhaps West Bengal? All I want is to be with people of my culture, to write in my language.

Sandeep Adhwaryu
It Feels, Speaks, Smells Like Home
What is my crime? My crime is that I have found that Islam does not consider woman a separate human being. Man is the original creation and womankind was created secondarily for the pleasure of man. Islam considers woman a slave, a sexual object and a son-producing machine. The Hadith says that two prayers that never reach the heavens are: those of escaping slaves and of women who frustrate their husbands at night.

Islam considers women psychologically inferior. In Islamic law, the testimony of two women is worth that of one man. In a case where a man suspects his wife of adultery or denies the legitimacy of the offspring, his testimony is worth that of four witnesses. A woman does not have the right to charge her husband likewise. Women cannot inherit property equally with their brothers.

And after all the rights and freedom, after getting all the sexual pleasure and pleasure of being the masters, men will be rewarded with wine, food, and 72 virgins in Paradise, including their wives on earth. And what is the reward for a pious...
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