16 June, 2021

It Doesn’t Seem Like Team Spirit In A Trippy Lane

Infighting in the party is out in the open as old-timers and satraps face up to Modi

Tribhuvan Tiwari
It Doesn’t Seem Like Team Spirit In A Trippy Lane

Sitting Trouble

How Modi’s gameplan for ‘Mission 272’ is meeting resistance

  • Ahmedabad (East): The decision to deny a ticket to Harin Pathak— the RSS’s best known face in Ahmedabad, a seven-time MP and L.K. Advani confidant—led to a bandh in the constituency.
  • Bhavnagar: Rajendrasinh Rana, the sitting MP, played a key role in building Gujarat as a saffron bastion and in Modi’s elevation to the national level. But he was summarily denied nomination.
  • Bidar: Angry supporters of BJP leader Gurupadappa Nagarmarapalli ransacked the party office after he was denied the Lok Sabha ticket from Bidar. The party instead nominated Bhagwant Khuba.
  • Buxar: Denied a ticket to contest again, sitting MP Lalmuni Chaubey is threatening to contest as a rebel and scuttle the party’s electoral fortunes in Bihar. Chaubey wants to cut Modi down to size for his disregard for party seniors.
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