16 June, 2021

'It Does Not Speak Well For Any Party'

Shatrughan Sinha Shatrughan Sinha, the filmstar who's also the BJP's star attraction, prides himself on "calling a spade a spade". This time it's the controversial Ghulam Ali issue and the defence of artistic freedom. He's seen the Amitabh Bachchan

'It Does Not Speak Well For Any Party'

What are the ramifications for music companies trying to promote Pak talent like Junoon in India?

I've seen Junoon and think they've brought novelty to the stale music bazaar. Yes, an incident like this might make things difficult but I sincerely hope it's not repeated. Pakistani artistes come here with the consent of the government of India. They should not only be allowed to perform, but also to promote themselves because art has no boundaries. If Michael Jackson is loved abroad, he's loved here too. Incidents like these not only harm the image of the country, they also hamper peace.

Does this mean that Mumbai exit and entry rules are different from the rest of India?

I don't appreciate acts of this kind and certainly don't approve of the methods used. The issues that formed the basis of the protest should be dealt on a government to government basis. I am glad that Jan-sher Khan has decided to come to India. Finally, one must remember Mumbai is a part of India just as India is a part of Mum-bai. There can't be...

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