02 August, 2021

Isolation Diary

Illustration by Saahil
Isolation Diary
The Shortest Work

The 17th century French mathematician and philosopher Blaise Pascal said that all the troubles of humanity came about because of the difficulty men had in simply being happy to sit alone in their rooms. More than half the world is currently sitting alone in their rooms—and many are thinking of happiness past and happiness future, but remain uncertain about happiness present.

More men and women are being forced to work from home (or ‘WFH’ to give its scientific name). ‘Social distancing, but digital closeness’ is the new mantra. “Only connect,” E.M. Forster told us, and we haven’t really had the time to gather our fragments together. Now is the time, since we are disconnected from everything else.

I am one of the lucky ones, and grateful for that. When other professionals complain about their daily commute, I get a glazed look in my eyes—or so they tell me. That’s because...

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