13 April, 2021

Is There Life Without A Veto?

India pegs back UNSC dreams to a non-permanent seat

Is There Life Without A Veto?
In December-end '06, New Delhi sent instructions to its permanent mission in New York to make known India's intention to contest elections for a non-permanent seat in the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) in October 2010. The directive went to other missions in the world capitals as well and is the clearest signal of New Delhi coming around to the view that since a permanent seat in an expanded UNSC isn't likely to materialise in the near future, it's worthwhile contesting in the non-permanent category. In 2005, the five permanent members, notably US and China, effectively blocked a bid by India, Japan, Germany and Brazil (the G-4) to expand the UNSC and have themselves included in it. Since then, the G-4's collective ardour for permanent seats hasn't been as visible as before, although government sources say confabulations and conferences pertaining to the issue continue apace.

The last time India won a seat in the non-permanent category was in 1990, holding it for two years till 1992. Thereafter, it lost the stomach to contest...

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