17 April, 2021

Is It A People’s Bill?

NAC says it doesn’t want a bill that has no checks and balances

Is It A People’s Bill?

What’s the difference between the Jan Lokpal Bill (backed by Anna Hazare) and the Lokpal Bill (being pushed by the Sonia Gandhi-headed National Advisory Council (NAC)? And why are their proponents suspicious of each other? That it is a complex legislation, where differences of opinion are bound to be there, is not lost on anyone. As far as India Against Corruption (IAC), the organisation spearheading the agitation in favour of the Jan Lokpal Bill is concerned, this is a people’s movement and must have the participation of the people. Arvind Kejriwal of IAC says, “The inclusion of people in a committee drafting the Bill is absolutely necessary.” This view is counter to the NAC position.

For the NAC, on the other hand, the Lokpal Bill should be seen in the context of addressing systemic problems and must be discussed in detail before any mass agitation is launched. It is in this context that two meetings held on April 3 and 4, under a subcommittee of the NAC and by the National Campaign for People’s Right to...

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