21 June, 2021

Iron Supplements

The Congress civic poll win opens a door, but it’s one swallow...

Iron Supplements

The top leadership of the Congress may at last have reason to smile. The party’s victory in Karnataka’s urban local bodies election comes after nearly six years of badgering by the BJP’s electoral triumphs across the spectrum—from panchayat to assembly elections. And all thanks to the common party worker, who was given the power of decision-making, without a penny of funding from the state party leadership.

Hear a Congressman right now and it would seem that the Election Commis­sion has only to announce the dates for assembly elections in April-May and the BJP leaders would be sitting in the Opposition benches—with the JD(S) by its erstwhile coalition partner’s side. After all, the Congress has won JD(S) leader H.D. Kumaraswamy’s base, the Ramanagaram town municipality. And the BJP, despite being in power, has lost out in urban areas, very much its base.

There are enough statistics to sustain Congress  euphoria. The party has won nearly 40 per cent of the votes as agai­nst the BJP’s 18.29 per cent and a...

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