10 May, 2021

Iron Hands, Soft Gloves

Any dialogue on the LoC or J&K, while not losing sight of Pakistan's deceptions, must also aim for pragmatic solutions

Iron Hands, Soft Gloves

NAWAZ Sharif asked the nation to pray for him when he left for the US to meet Clinton. He's still in need of prayers. The Kargil gambol has embarrassed Pakistan on every front. If Sartaj Aziz would like to paint the fiasco as a triumph, it'll take more than prayers to sell the canvas. Pakistan's 'appeal' to the 'freedom fighters' to 'disengage and disperse' is sheer cant. The Pak army and marauders in mufti have been routed. Pakistan has dishonoured its dead by refusing to take back their bodies, like it did with the 'Biharis' in '71.

World powers have, in a rare moment of lucidity, recognised that it all started with Pakistan crossing the LoC. Clinton told Sharif that the invading 'forces' must restore the LoC's 'sanctity' by withdrawing to their own side, and then ensure a cessation of hostilities in order to return to the Simla-Lahore process of bilateral dialogue in that sequence. Quite independently of Clinton, this is the sequence that must be followed. First, the Indian army will need to certify that the withdrawal, under whatever...

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