30 September, 2020

Invert That Storyboard

Beefcake in bubble-baths and other Manmohanomic reversals

Invert That Storyboard

Selling to men, they say, is easy. You basically promise them one of two things. Use this product and you’ll score with hot bikini models. Or, use this product and you’ll save time and money, which you can then spend on scoring with hot bikini models. Selling to women is even simpler. Use this product and you’ll be a hot bikini model. Of course, this is oversimplification. But it’s true-ish—and the manner in which this basic message is communicated to the consumer does change. It has done so, dramatically, over these past 20 years.

India is the new Amreeka. Today’s bikini models are very happy-to-be-Indian. They dig a man with ‘Muh mein Rajnigandha, Kadmon pe duniya’. Twenty years ago, they were still very enamoured of the ‘phoren’ tag. Our advertising then was extremely ‘English medium’. Pepsi had been launched as a shiny, red-white-and-blue, all-American drink with the slightly condescending slug line, ‘Are you Ready for the Magic?’...



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