16 June, 2021

Intel Inside

Outlook builds the eye-popping narrative of how Pakistan was very much in on Osama’s outing. Why isn’t it saying so?

Intel Inside

Eight Question Marks in Abbottabad

  1. The Choppers: Were there two or four? How many Seals were involved, 20 or 79? If one chopper collapsed, could the lone returning one carry them all, plus Osama?
  2. The Take-Off: Where did the choppers take off from, Jalalabad in Afghanistan or Tarbela in Pakistan? Could they have hovered on without the Pak army or its radars noticing?
  3. The Town: Local residents, including coffee-shop owner Shoaib Athar who live-tweeted the incident, say power had been cut in Abbottabad 40 mins earlier. Was this is a routine outage?
  4. The Police: At whose orders was the Pashto-speaking local police shooing away residents of Abbottabad, who wondered about the choppers and the “big blast” creating a blaze in the sky?
  5. The Gunfight: Why has the narrative ranged from a “firefight throughout the operation” to “some firefights” to “the only shots fired by those...

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