20 October, 2020

Instead Of A Process

Indian firms must opt for the nimbleness and creativity of co-creation

Illustration by Sorit
Instead Of A Process

When I look at what has shaped my interests over the last decade, it all started with my collaboration with C.K. Prahalad. I have been working on the concept of co-creation for a while. I started with co-creation with customers. At that time, there was a huge traction in emerging markets, particularly in India, as companies were vying with each other to tap into the growing market. In some sense, being of Indian origin helped me connect with a lot of opportunities in India, and understand why Indian enterprises could be very resilient, working with limited resources, and be ingenious in terms of finding frugal solutions to problems. I found that aspirations could indeed exceed resources, as Prof Prahalad used to put it.

I think there is something about the fact that talent from India today can not only collaborate with people from all over the world in terms of their skill base, but also bring the ability to look at problems in a multi-dimensional manner. In my own work, I find that effective co-creation requires some holistic thinking,...



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