10 May, 2021

“Inside My Head, I Feel Like 18 Or 21...”

Birthday boy Aamir Khan talks about what turning 50 means to him.

“Inside My Head, I Feel Like 18 Or 21...”

The first in the Khan trinity to turn 50 this year, Aamir Khan celebrates his birthday on March 14. In an interview as expansive as his Carter Road apartment, the birthday boy talks of the number 50, about personal and professional landmarks and the continuing stardom of the three Khans. Excerpts from an interview.

What comes to mind when you think of the number 50?

Virat Kohli scoring a half century.

What is the age you feel? 

I feel like 18 or 21 in my head. For me internally nothing has changed. Obviously externally the body ages. But, quite frankly I have even forgotten what I look like physically. I have no idea because for the last 15 years for each of the films I have looked like the character. Whatever role I have been shooting for I have been physically looking like that. Right now I am trying to look old and fat for my next film Dangal. 

Is 50 a landmark look back, and also ahead?

It's not the age, it's the work that you are...

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