08 May, 2021

Inner Most Allies

Alumni cults have been there as long as there have been alumni. It’s a members only club, and it looks out for its own.

Inner Most Allies

It’s been 25 years since I and my batchmates graduated from IIM Calcutta. In my case, ‘graduation’ may not be an entirely correct word to use; it’s more likely that the institute simply got tired of me: ‘good riddance’ could very well have been the term muttered darkly by my unfortunate professors. However, be that as it may etc, in the last week of December this year, our batch is descending on that beautiful campus with its lakes and ducks and cats for our silver jubilee reunion. Facebook posts are flying in from every inhabited continent, urging people to land up, book early, and ‘no spouses please’, unless he or she is also a batchmate. Nostalgia pervades, a weapon of mass mobilisation. The best days of our lives, remember that incident about Sam and the firecrackers, where the hell is Chaddi, why does this FB group have only 68 members when our batch had nearly 140 people, why can’t we have a Mallika Sherawat night, I met Chaddi in Nairobi in 2002...you get the general sense.

Alumni cults have been there as long...

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