11 May, 2021


The blogosphere is meritocratic, and readers are quick to sort out the wheat from the chaff. There's space for plenty more wheat.


After the tsunami struck South Asia, I travelled through Tamil Nadu with some friends. My intent was journalistic, but I wasn't commissioned by any mainstream publication. It didn't matter. One of the first things I discovered was that the medium most suited the kind of journalism I wanted to do was the internet. Particularly, it was blogs. Earlier that month, I had started India Uncut and found it the most effective outlet for my stories. Why so?

Firstly, I did not have to depend on the constraints of a news cycle. The tools of publishing were in my hands, which empowered me as a writer. I could write about something as soon as I experienced it, and publish it as soon as I saw it. A piece that may have waited a day could, thus, be published as soon as I finished it. What I found during those few days was that everytime I would write something, others would link to it in a chain of readers that extended around the world, in a process that increased my...

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