17 June, 2021

India's Best B-Schools In 2015

Are our B-schools ready to ride the start-up wave? And the big churn in our mid-segment rankings.

Sanjay Rawat
India's Best B-Schools In 2015

Last year, there was huge hype around ‘Make in India’. A year later, India Inc has somewhat tempered its expectations. Given that it seems like we are all now playing a part in a big sound-and-light production, what does one make of the noise around start-ups? Despite some mutterings of a bubble, most agree there is a new wave. This has had a major impact on industry as well as India’s business schools.

A major part of the impetus for this shift from corporate jobs to start-ups is coming from the B-schools. This is a big universe of new ideas and a lot of fresh energy coming into the industry. What is helping this new phenomenon is the easy availability of guidance and handholding by experts and, most important, finance—thanks to the ever-ready band of venture capitalists and angel investors who are ready to back new, untried ideas. The business schools are thankfully aware of this development as most institutions are weaving entrepreneurship into their course curriculum to give support to young businessmen.

It is in this backdrop that...

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