31 October, 2020

Indians Are Loaded Guns

By sending a signal that it’s okay to eat everything, we certainly don’t want risk factors to combine and become the cause of heart disease.

Indians Are Loaded Guns

Without any doubt, all cardiovascular disease is linked to cholesterol. LDL, bad cholesterol, needs to be decreased to prevent heart disease, we know this for sure. Today’s discussions about the cholesterol in what you eat versus blood cholesterol all fall within this framework. Nobody has said that bad food habits alone are responsible for heart ailments.

In fact, most accept that certain fats, such as saturated fats, are bad, and that there are categories of fats—transfats—that are extremely bad. In India, recooked oil—oil that halwais use—is a widespread source of transfat. Reheating turns so-called healthy oil into transfat. Ghee is okay, but this “pseudo-ghee” is terrible. And then there are sugars—Indians really need to re-examine how much sugar they consume.

So the only debate is over the extent to which a cholesterol-rich diet is acceptable. Of course, it’s unacceptable for diabetics, heart patients and so on anywhere in the world. But in India’s context, even this is no...



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