28 July, 2021

'India Will Have To Fight Its Own Battle'

His comments tinged with realism about the lack of formal guarantees to India of a 'Phase II' in the international war against terrorism that would strike at Pak-sponsored terrorism, a combative Union home minister L.K. Advani spoke to Ishan Joshi. E

Gireesh G.V
'India Will Have To Fight Its Own Battle'
Now that US strikes have begun, what is India's main concern?
Cross-border terrorism. In fact, for the past three years since I have been in this job, apart from trying to contain Pak-inspired terrorism on the ground, we in the government have been trying to mobilise world opinion against international terrorism and making them realise this is a global menace. The theoretical responses have been yes, you are right, and so at least five countries have agreed to form joint working groups against international terrorism (and) all of them have promised support to our convention against international terrorism...

But it has remained theoretical…
Yes, it's theoretical.... But in actual practice, they've been reluctant even to take positions. We don't expect them to do anything; it's our problem and we have to surmount it. But our emphasis has been that the problem is state-sponsored terrorism. And so, any state that promotes, sponsors or harbours terrorism should be declared a terrorist state. Countries like America, if they declare any country as a terrorist...

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