12 April, 2021

"India, US Are Looking Over Their Shoulders At Beijing"

Veteran diplomat and author, Anja Manuel, on how the three big powers, US, China and India are likely to shape Asia

"India, US Are Looking Over Their Shoulders At Beijing"

As a US state department official responsible for South Asia from 2005-2007, Anja Manuel has been part of many tough India-US negotiations. She is a co-founder and business partner with former secretary of state Condoleezza Rice, former national security advisor Stephen Hadley and former defense secretary Robert Gates in RiceHadleyGates LLC, a strategic consulting firm. Anja has studied in the Harvard Law School and Stanford University and travelled extensively in China and India. Her new book, This Brave New World—India, China and the United States, is an acclaimed and timely addition to the ongoing debate on future relations between the three big powers who are likely to shape Asia. In this interview with Pranay Sharma she explains how:

The June visit will be PM Nar­endra Modi’s fourth official trip to the United States in his two years in office. There has been a steady upswing in Indo-­­US ties for nearly two decades now. But what has changed for these frequent political exch­anges between...

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