20 October, 2020

"India Risks Being Seen As The Aggressor"

The former US ambassador and celebrated author-diplomat on the current stand-off.

"India Risks Being Seen As The Aggressor"
Former ambassador Dennis Kux is senior policy scholar, Asia Program, Woodrow Wilson Center, Washington. Author of two seminal books on South Asia—The US and Pakistan, 1947-2000, Disenchanted Allies; and India and the US, 1941-1991, Estranged Democracies, he spoke to Sanjay Suri on the current stand-off. Excerpts.

Is Pakistan becoming de facto the next phase of the war on terror?
No. Many people in India are misreading the situation. The primary US concern is to prevent a war. Since December 13, Gen Musharraf is under pressure to rein in the terrorists. There is a continuing war against Al Qaeda where Pakistan has an important role to play. That will become difficult if India and Pakistan were to go to war.

What specifically is the US doing?
Getting Pakistan to close down the LeT and the JeM is an important step. Long-term, the US is interested in much better relations with India. The trouble is, people in India are Pakistan-obsessed and people in Pakistan are India-obsessed, and the way people see things is filtered through that. A...



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