29 July, 2021

India-Pakistan Diary

Who doesn't remember Kiran More- Javed Miandad famous run-in! More, here, opens up about what actually irked the Pak cricketer...

India-Pakistan Diary
God Shave the Team

India-Pakistan cricket matches can deliver you gift-wrapped to a neurologist, so we should all get medals for just surviving. My most memorable one came in Sydney, 1992. It was the first India-Pakistan World Cup match ever, so the pressure was immense! I remember going in to play clean-shaven for the first time. I’d shaved off my moustache after my failure to win a close match against Australia. The fans crowded into the Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG) were raucous, on both sides. I remember digging out a Wasim Akram yorker, the memory of which still hurts my toe!

Jump, Javed, Jump!

Everyone remembers my run-in with Javed Miandad. Letting you in on a national secret: I was needling him from behind the stumps, getting under his skin. I’d raise my gloves to cover my mouth as I spoke. I’d seen him struggle with his back, so was telling our bowlers to pitch it up—that would make him stretch...

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