24 November, 2020

India One Billion

Even as we look set to cross the billion mark on August 15, the population explosion is yet to ring in our politicians' ears

India One Billion

ELECTION sloganeering this year will echo the shots in Kargil, not India's population explosion. Shrill propaganda reverberating with misplaced priorities will ignore, yet again, the mother of all problems in our jampacked nation. A problem that's given birth to our billionth citizen this week.

So say the United Nations' demographers who have declared that India, which adds more people to the world than any other nation each year, will officially cross the billion mark just in time for her 52nd Independence Day. By 2016, the country will have more people than all of Europe and the rest of the industrial world, excluding Russia. The UN has also predicted India's overtaking China as the most populous nation in the world in the next four decades. Reasons which move World Watch, the Washington-based environmental research agency, to comment: Reaching a billion mark is not cause for celebration in a country where almost half the adults are illiterate, more than half the children undernourished and one-third the people below the poverty line.

Predictably, our...



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