21 April, 2021

Work From Home On A Workcation

WFH takes a nature trail as workstations move closer to the sea or the hills

Work From Home On A Workcation

If the view from your new office of choice opens to breaking waves and a palm-fronded beach or a wide-angle shot of snow-clad Himalayan peaks through an arbour of wild, pink-and-white bougainvillea, you are working away from home. It’s the newest trend catching on with a range of professionals tired of hunkering down in their bedroom/living room offices since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic and a nationwide lockdown since March. As days turned into months and the nation slowly unlocked, the itch to go someplace got worse than the ring on a dog’s tail and people started looking for a way out of their Covid cages—keep the job and work (the pay cheque is important), yet be on a holiday. All one needs is WiFi, a fairly decent wallet and the will to get out—the kind of things exhausted and bored folks working from home shared when they were a few too many drinks deep into the night. Thus was born the workcation or bleisure, a portmanteau of work and vacation or business and leisure.

Call it the positive effect of work from home (WFH)—an...

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