06 August, 2021

Who ‘Created’ Covid?

Was the Moon landing fake? Do reptiles rule us? Is Elvis alive? When conspiracy theories start proliferating like mutant viruses…

Who ‘Created’ Covid?

“When does a conspiracy theory become a conspiracy reality? Covid-19 looks like a perfectly designed Disease X.”

—William Ebiefung

Like a single COVID-19 virus playing Chinese whispers—and making a million bad xerox copies of itself—the conspiracy theories took no time at all taking off after China announced its animal-to-human vector in mid-January. In a week, stories about the involvement of Bill Gates began circulating until he turned into what a Syracuse University professor called “a sort of abstract bogeyman” for conspiracists. Multi-billionaire investor George Soros, a thorn in both US president Donald Trump and Chinese premier Xi Jinping’s side, was targeted swiftly after Gates (but never—because he does not fund antiviral research—with an equal ferocity). It isn’t entirely transparent as yet how anyone would stand to gain from a deadly pandemic that’s pretty much an equal-opportunity offender for all countries, if not in the...

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