01 August, 2021

Warning: Covid Spam Sighted

Warning: Covid Spam Sighted

Blaming 5G

Easily debunked: Viruses do not spread using the electromagnetic spectrum. But this hasn’t stopped 5G towers from being vandalised in the UK.

Bill Gates done it

An “abstract bogeyman” for the Far Right as well as the Extreme Left, he has no reason to want a global pandemic—not even a connection with big pharma.

Chinese lab

It’s plausible, but not probable. The serendipity of China’s leading institute studying bat coronaviruses being located in the same city as the COVID-19’s origin is a dog-bone for conspiracists.

US military plot

Tired of right-wing conspiracy theories targeting it, the Chinese government let loose Zhao Lijian, a Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson. He let off a tweetstorm accusing the US of using its military attendees at the 2019 Military World Games to spread the virus to the Huanan seafood wetmarket, where the source of the outbreak was eventually traced. This conspiracy theory, in...

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