21 June, 2021

Photo Feature | Wagah Of The East

The Beating Retreat at an Indo-Bangladesh border outpost matches the spectacle of the western frontier...high kicks et al

Photo Feature | Wagah Of The East

Chest thrust forward like a soldier, his small feet synchronising with the beats of the military band, the youngster marches towards the Indian jawans standing in attention. He then proceeds to give a crisp salute to the troopers before turning and marching back. And as if on cue, a Border Security Force (BSF) trooper lets out a deep-throated military command to signal the start of the official ceremony.

Welcome to Akhaura, the Wagah of the East on the Indo-Bangladesh border. It’s time for the Beating Retreat, a ceremony as spectacular and colourful as the more popular event at the border check post in Punjab along the Indo-Pakistan border. A tad toned down than the chest-thumping pantomime at Wagah, for here’s a ceremony between two friendly countries.

The ceremony at Akhaura, just five km from Tripura capital Agartala, was launched in 2017 under the tourism ministry’s Swadesh Darshan scheme, and draws a fair share of visitors every...

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