28 July, 2021

Unfinished CHAPTER From The Pandemic

An unprepared government and under-prepared education boards push millions of Class 10 and 12 students into anxiety and hopelessness

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Some experts feel the entire assessment system needs an overhaul
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Unfinished CHAPTER From The Pandemic

The ‘real world’ was full of uncertainty, they were solemnly told, and that our planned affairs were often rearranged, pell mell, by quirks of chance. Those wise aphorisms were brought to bear on lakhs of Class 12 students who were looking forward to a less regimented adult life that a college so joyfully promises. With their scheduled examinations now postponed indefinitely, a veil of uncertainty has descended on their immediate future.

The batch of 2021 is at the mercy of an alarming crush of COVID-19 cases, something that the government thought had been rendered ine­ffectual enough not to plan for an alternative to the board examinations. As the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) cancelled examinations for Class 10 and postponed those for Class 12, nearly 24,000 affiliated schools were faced with a familiar brick-wall, blackened by a year’s dust. Having faced a similar situation last year, during the first Coronavirus wave, the expectation was of lessons learnt.

However, for nearly 15 lakh students of Class 12—that include...

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