21 June, 2021

Twice Orphaned

Why did we—I and you—not end up in a random crematorium? Thank providence, and the many good samaritans out there. The government, for all its bluster, had abandoned us.

Twice Orphaned

I became an orphan when I lost my mother last November—about 10 years since my father’s passing. But the crippling sense of helplessness that comes with being orphaned has never been as overwhelming for me as it has been since COVID-19 struck again, sending us scurrying for cover and help amid an unremitting second wave. But help is in short supply—at a time when death is visiting homes with increasing regularity and pushing us into the depths of despair. It is not just oxygen, life-saving medicines and hospital beds that are scarce. Deepening our desperation and leaving us in the lurch has been the government, which has all but abdicated its responsibility and abandoned us. If we are alive, we must thank our stars and the very many Good Samaritans heroically slogging with limited resources to save lives.

I, for one, was lucky along with my wife and daughter. We too went down with Covid, but unlike tens of thousands dying every day mostly for want of medical ass­istance, our oxygen levels miraculously did not drop and we did not require hospital...

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