30 July, 2021

Topkeydara In Darjeeling: A Lifeline For Endangered Red Pandas

In Topkeybara, Red Pandas, only about 2,500 adults left in the wild, are finding a safe habitat to remain alive and furring

Resident Ddevils
Red pandas at Topkeydara, Darjeeling
Photograph by Sandipan Chatterjee
Topkeydara In Darjeeling: A Lifeline For Endangered Red Pandas

Pandas & Leos

  • Red pandas and snow leopards are critical indicators of the health of the Himalayan ecosystem
  • Both are solitary animals. Red pandas are active at dawn, dusk, and at night. They live at altitudes between 4,900 and 16,500 feet
  • They are sometimes called lesser panda
  • Western researchers found red pandas much before the giant panda in 1869


The cool downdraft from the Kanchenjunga blended with the warm sun on a crispy summer morning at the outdoorsy Topkeydara where the insolent Shifu unwinds on a tree-top perch after his bamboo breakfast. The five-year-old male red panda avoids the foot-long lenses of ‘Instagram upvote hunters’ pointing towards him from 25-foot below. He cannot be click-captured today. The seek-out for Master Shifu, whose animated adaptation end­eared movie-goers around the world in the Kung Fu Panda franchise, is threatening to end before it fully unfurled. He is doing the...

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