21 June, 2021

The Wandering Needle

Every day this past week, about 25 million people across the globe received a Covid vaccine dose. That’s about 300 jabs every second. Read all about our race against mass deaths.

The Wandering Needle

Dear Reader,

What shall we call you? Vaccinee? Would-be vaccinee? Or is there another, more elegant word for one who receives, or is set to receive, a shot that will teflon-coat you against the more perverse ­effects of the Sars-Cov-2 virus? Whatever be the lexicological side-effects of the pandemic, this following story is for you. Consider this vast, rippling canvas: every day this past week, about 25 million ­people across the globe received a Covid vaccine dose. Slow down that time-lapse picture by a few frames—that’s a little over a million folks getting a shot every hour. Or, just a little less than 300 jabs every second.

Or, think of it spatially—we’re talking of a population not quite the size of Delhi, but equal to the whole of Australia.

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Then, zoom in on the Indian landmass itself. Vaccinating a billion, and then toss in a few tens of millions for loose...

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