15 May, 2021

The VacScene

Who gets it first? 30 crore people have been identified to get it within a year. The 50-plus, then healthcare workers, police, municipality, army…. The full Covid vaccine story.

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The VacScene

Who gets it first? When is my turn?

The Indian goal is to vaccinate around 30 crore by September 2021. Four categories of priority beneficiaries have been identified for initial phase of inoculation:

1 crore healthcare and frontline workers, including MBBS students and ASHA workers

2 crore municipal workers, police and military personnel

26 crore people above 50 years of age

1 crore people with comorbidities such as high BP, diabetes and heart condition


This  is the year of the scourge. Of the mystery virus. Of the plague that has convulsed the world and brought humanity to its knees in one single sweep of its tentacles—put millions out of work, devastated economies and forced many to undertake perilous road trips on foot across hundreds of kilometres. 2020 has truly been, as the Queen Mother once memorably said, an annus horribilis. And not since the HIV ­pandemic hit our tiny blue...

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