14 May, 2021

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Illustration by Saahil
The Subcontinental Menu

Polly Want A Smuggler

They stuff gold up their nether orifices, they hide Christina in fake wigs and they swallow bags of Charlie to evade the authorities. But Uzbekistani national Anvarjon Jonov had a rather different consignment to smuggle—unconscious parakeets in shoeboxes stuffed inside his luggage. Airport personnel spotted the birds in his bags, which Jonov claimed were soft toys. On further inspection, the toys turned out to be living, breathing creatures (he was right about soft though). But the parrots’ ordeal did not end there. They were produced before a magistrate in a court, who asked: “Where were you being taken?” To a land of berries, chillies and chirps, hopefully?

God Save My Moolah

There’s god, and there’s godmen and taxmen—the twain should never meet. When tax officials found crores of rupees, apparently black money, in...

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