18 June, 2021

The Subcontinental Menu

Illustration by Saahil
The Subcontinental Menu

Off The Chorten, Chowderhead

India may be behind China on most counts, but there’s one parameter it’s ready to zoom ahead on—the worst tourists. The latest in the hall of shame is a biker from Maharashtra who clambered atop a holy chorten (stupa) in Bhutan, provoking outrage in the Buddhist nation as well as on social media in India. Lately, Bhutan has been trying to rein in Indian visitors, who have few restrictions compared to other tourists who must spend a minimum of $250 a day in the country. As elsewhere, Indians trash the ecologically fragile nation and do not respect local customs. And now, with such sacrilegious antics, we may soon find ourselves unwelcome in yet another nation in the neighbourhood.

Pugilists Punch Out In Poll Season

The election campaign in Haryana lacks the punch of polls past. The reason? Fewer pehelwans are signing up as musclemen for...

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