14 June, 2021

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The Subcontinental Menu

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The august league of Darjeeling tea, Hyderabadi haleem and basmati rice is soon set to get a rather pedestrian entrant—Indori poha. The industrious sweetmeat sellers of Indore are trying to garner the coveted geographical indication (GI) tag for four gastronomical delights from the city­—poha, shikanji, laung sev and khatta-meetha namkeen. “We have traced Indori poha to 1949 and the others to the early 1930s,” gushes Anurag Pradhan, the sec­retary of the association of snack manufacturers. He has even marshalled photographic evidence of Jawaharlal Nehru and Amitabh Bachchan relishing the delicacies. We wish Pradhan and his peers the best of luck in their endeavours. Hopefully their bid won’t fall flat like Madhya Pradesh’s quest to get a basmati GI tag for its rice in 2018.

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