28 July, 2021

The Subcontinental Menu

In The Subcontinental Menu this week, read why dozen of women employees in Faridabad took maternity leave 3-4 times a year; and what happened when the obituary of a cat appeared in newspaper's classifieds.

Illustration by Manjul
The Subcontinental Menu

Sickly & Sweet, That’s Pure Sin

The overtly masculine image of amber liquid sloshing gently on rocks of ice as gentlemen hold their glasses and clouds of cigar smoke swirl around is changing rapidly, with whiskey brands tapping into a diverse customer base and experimenting with flavours as diverse as coffee and tea. Well, that’s for those who despise the mus­­cle of whiskey and stick to sweeter fruity cocktails. Like Whi­skey Sour—a sweet-n-sour concoction that mellows the flavour of hard liquor with a sweetener, a dash of lemon and sometimes egg white. It’s a bid to attract non-conventional whiskey drinkers; make millennials aware of the versatility of a robust Scotch. Flavours like ginger and lemon are safe bets for beginners—something light on the palate. Next step: Pure Sin, a creamy cocktail of Irish whiskey and crème liqueur, topped with vanilla ice-cream and frozen berries.

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