13 May, 2021

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From a 99-year-old's 29th expedition trip to the Himalayas to Leh's solution to deal with mountain of waste, read this and much more in The Subcontinental Menu.

Illustration by Manjul
The Subcontinental Menu

Himalaya Dream, 99 And Counting

Born an aristocrat; got baptised to Communism in college; turned spiritual after his young son’s death from a heart disease. Well, not all those who wander are lost. There are constants: like travelling all the way from balmy Kerala to the remote grandness of the Himalayas—not once, or twice, or a dozen times, but for a 29th expedition this winter. That’s award-winning educationist P. Chi­­tran Namboodiripad, 99, from Thrissur, who can’t resist the call of the mountains, even at such an advanced age when most of his contemporaries would rather be quietly dozing in their snug armchairs. His lifelong adventure began in 1952 and he is driven by an ambition to go on a 30th Him­­alayan trip. Drumrolls, please, for the indefatigable Chitran. But hark! The secret to his health is a strict and frugal vegetarian diet.


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