14 May, 2021

The Hateras And Us

What happened in Hathras was brutality of unimaginable magnitude. Insensitive and arrogant officials turned it into an even bigger nightmare for the victim's family and friends.

The Hateras And Us

Age has mellowed me considerably, but I still felt pulsating anger racing through my veins since the macabre story broke about the violent death of a Dalit girl from Hathras in Uttar Pradesh. Despite being dulled into silent acceptance of rampant sexual crimes, including no less than 87 rapes reported in the country a day, Hathras crossed the collective threshold of what we could digest. If the cruelty inflicted on the girl was not enough, what followed her death surely shocked us out of our normalised stupor.

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An insensitive state government manned by arrogant babus heaped more indignities on the dead girl—first by hurriedly cremating her in the middle of the night, ignoring desperate pleas from her family. They held the family hostage in their home—barricading the village, preventing both press and politicians from reaching them. In between, officials piled more pressure on the parents,...

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