21 April, 2021

The Bully Wears A Tailored Suit

An alternate history of Outlook can be written from all the times we were arraigned in court! Our lawyer opens the dossier: French corporates, telecom majors, airlines, judges….

The Bully Wears A Tailored Suit

Having observed the media closely in over two-and-a-half decades of my law practice, I have often told my clients that as journalists if you don’t have at least a few legal actions filed against you for your rep­ortage, you’re likely not doing your job properly! Beginning 1995, Outlook excelled as a news magazine in the face of tough and ent­renched competition. Expanding from general news and current affairs, the Outlook Group added new magazines to its portfolio by reporting on business and travel, foraying into more genres of journalism, and giving its readers high-quality content.

Perhaps the uniqueness of Outlook as a news media organisation has been the true-to-its-word, no-interference policy of its promoters and management in the editorial operations. Editors and journalists have had a free hand to carry stories, controversial or otherwise, with no compromise on investigative journalism whether relating to politicians, defence deals, trafficking of girls, corruption at the highest echelons or the workings of industrialists and...

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