28 January, 2021

In Assam, That Day The CAB Storm Came To My Town

In Assam, That Day The CAB Storm Came To My Town

Rupai is a small town in ­Assam’s tea country—­green, languid, peaceful. Winter here is beautiful. In the gentle sunlight, slivers of smoke billow from the chimneys of the massive tea factory. Ours is a quaint place—it comes to a halt by 8 pm, everyone knows everyone by name and nothing much stirs us. That’s our life.

But this tranquil town is no longer tranquil. I hear cries of protests. There is pain, there is rage, the voices keep getting louder. I was silent so far, but no more. I know we have lost, but I will document everything.

1. Rajya Sabha passed CAB sometime back. You have no idea how much anger I have seen. Today everyone is awake late into the night. It’s freezing, but people are out on the streets. Some are burning tyres. Many did not eat—as if there were a death in the family. People are mourning­...it seems like we have lost everything. Women are at the forefront—they are leading along with men. This is what makes Assam special. We have seen the worst of ­insurgencies­—my town was...



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